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Defensive Tactics

Fierce Training offers course in hand to hand combat and how to use your weapon after being assaulted.

The reality of most real world attacks is that they will involve hands on contact, and you won't have time to think about what's happening at the beginning of the attack.  FIERCE TRAINING has designed a course to help people understand hand to hand combat and break down the situation into simple concepts that anyone can practice and master in a short period of time.


Defensive tactics

This course takes you through the life cycle of a real world physical assault.  Participants will learn how to spot an assault, prepare for a possible assault, and understand the basics of hand to hand combat broken down into the simplest and most effective means to survive.  The focus will be on basic defense, hand strikes, choke defense, and ground fighting.


Class is 2 hours and costs $30 per person.

(A course the entire family can take.  Knowledge is power and safety)



Weapons Defensive tactics

This course is designed to build upon the fundamentals of Defensive Tactics by showing the participants how to defend and attack with a variety of weapons that can be carried at all times. This class is a basic introduction to weapons offense and defense from a weapons attack and an attacker trying to take your weapon.  (Instruction includes Key Chain, Baton, Knife, and Firearm)


Class is 2 hours and costs $30 per person.



All defensive tactics courses are based on physical activity.  We try to create realistic scenarios to work on while being as safe as possible.  Please contact us if you have questions concerning what type of physical activity is required.

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