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Iowa Permit Recertification

Fierce Training can get you ready to keep your conceal to carry permit valid.

Iowa Permit to Carry Weapons recertification will be coming up for many.  With our law change back in January 2011, Iowa became a "shall issue" permit state with a 5 year permit instead of the yearly renewal.  It's not as simple as just going down to your Sheriff's Office and reapplying for your permit anymore.  Now you must show documentation you've taken a training course or have passed a live fire shooting course.


Fierce Training offers both, you can take the permit to carry course which if you haven't taken a course in a while or taken Fierce Training's permit course that wouldn't be a bad idea.  You could also do any shooting course we offer, like the Defensive Pistol courses or the Recertification course.  The Recert course is actually an IDPA scenario shoot (IDPA, International Defensive Pistol Association).  We set up walls and barriers, create structure like an indoor environment and you walk through the course using tactics we discuss at the beginning of the class.  You shoot multiple rounds and multiple targets simulating a self-defense situation.  So far it's been so popular with all the students that everyone wants to shoot it twice.


Cost is $15, you need to bring a handgun, holster, 50 rounds of ammunition, ear and eye protection.  Check out the calendar. and look for "Recert course". We are holding multiple classes a month at varying times.  If you just can't get your schedule to work with what's offered, email us we'll add a class that will.


You can get your recertification course done a full year ahead of your permit expiration date so no need to wait.  You must use this training and apply for your permit renewal at least 30 days prior to your permit expiring.  Cost for renewal which you apply for in person at your sheriff's office is $25 normally, some counties charge a bit more if they offer a laminated card.  Those that forget to get it done 30 days in advance of expiration will be stuck taking the permit course over again, $75, and paying for a new permit, $50 cost to the sheriff's office.


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