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Winter Training

Fierce Training has excellent classes during the cold months to sharpen all of your firearms and defensive tactics.

This is Iowa and for 3 to 4 months out of the year it's not at all pleasant outside.  For many any thought of firearm training is put aside for the winter.  Here at FIERCE TRAINING it doesn't have to be.  Improving your self-defense skills with a handgun doesn't solely rely on live fire.


winter course

FIERCE TRAINING Winter Course is designed to hone skills in presentation, first shot and tactics with the handgun in the total comfort of indoors.  Students can use their own firearms with dry fire, use laser inserts for some calibers, or utilize SIRT pistol (laser training gun) to get good repetitions on the most important shot of your life, the first one.


You'll practice presentation while sitting at a table, threat in front, behind, either side, setting in a car with threat on all sides.  Use cover and concealment in all sorts of ways. You'll learn to recognize lanes of fire in a crowd of bystanders all in panic mode.  We'll create distance by lateral movement not backpedaling which is everyone's natural instinct.


Equipment needed; whatever handgun and carry method you currently use, cover garment, flashlight, eye protection and laser insert if you have one.  SIRT pistols and laser inserts are also available but limited in supply.


FIERCE TRAINING can supply all equipment for course if needed but you must inform us at registration well before the course date.


The course is generally 3-4 hrs long and the fee is $60.00 per person.  Limit of 10 people per course.

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