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Personal Safety Course

This course is designed for larger groups, businesses, organizations, and schools.  Please contact us for pricing, times, and locations.


Your safety if your responsibility. Time to take charge of the responsibility and this course is a great way to start. The first step in discovering personal safety is to grasp what is happening in the real world, not what the media is covering or what Hollywood depicts. In this course we will review crime statistics in your area relevant to personal safety. See real videos of crime and how it really happens, dispelling the Hollywood myth of an assault. Learn what the law says you can and can’t do in self-defense, develop some legal security. Another key topic is mindset and awareness, you learn what gets in the way of being safe simply because of the way we think. Then we will review tools available, from your own hands and feet to the ultimate force equalizers. And as an option, this course can be lecture only or you can add some hands on training in simple self-defense techniques using what you have with you every day and you’ll be introduced to the PK Key Chain, the most simple but incredible effective defensive tool developed, that is legal everywhere and requires little training.


Home security audit

Audits generally take 1-3 hrs depending on customers level of review desired and practice time requested.  Cost is $40/hr with travel within 30 miles of Cedar Rapids or 30 miles of Iowa City free.  Outside of this radius, email for quote.

A security audit for home owners and businesses is a quick way to learn where your weaknesses are in personal security.  An audit entails a perimeter check of property and buildings, access points, lighting and points of cover or concealment for you or a threat.  Then a review of doors, windows, locks to your structures from the outside.  We move inside to assess inside security, where defensive tools should be kept, access to lighting control, points of cover and concealment.  It’s not all about guns, there are lots of ways to improve security but of course defensive tools are your last line of defense.

We will layout a tactical plan if any type of invasion were to happen, how would you clear your home or business if needed, where would you make your Alamo stand.  It is gravely important these issues be considered and practiced long before you have to deal with any kind of incident.  The piece of mind gained by reviewing all of the important measures with FIERCE Training can be very comforting.

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