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Iowa or Minnesota Permit to carry

Iowa or Minnesota Permit to Carry Course is a 5-6 hour course built to a personal standard based of 25+ years of experience and approved and referred by most Eastern Iowa Sheriff's prior to the January 2011 law change.  This course is not a "learn to shoot" course but we invite all levels of experience to take the course as knowledge is power.


The lecture will include basics of handgun safety, handgun operation, holster, and ammunition selection, aspects of concealing your gun of choice and techniques for drawing and shooting effectively in real life defensive situations. There is an in depth study of laws regarding self-defense enabling students to clearly understand the enormous responsibility involved in carrying a firearm.  As preferred by all sheriff's this course has a range element and a written test.  Neither are difficult and a handgun can be provided if you haven't purchased one yet. Cost is $75 for IA, $80 for MN or $100 for both. To register simply review the calendar page for upcoming dates or communicate a preferred date if nothing scheduled will work.  Email or call and provide your name, course of interest and date so your place can be confirmed and we can relay more information.  Some courses have limited space.

Equipment needed:  Handgun (although we have some you can borrow), 30 rounds of ammunition, ear and eye protection. IOWA PERMIT APPLICATION   MINNESOTA PERMIT APPLICATION

Interested in illinois permit to carry?

I have a trusted instructor in Dale Littrel of Aledo, IL.  Give Dale a call or email and let him know Mike sent you.  Dale's phone is 309-236-0859, email

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