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AR-15 primer

Cost is $80/person.

No equipment is needed but if you have an AR rifle already feel free to bring it and use it during tactics training.


If you own a AR15 or are thinking of buying one, this course is the best and fastest way to learn all elements of this very popular rifle platform.  The AR platform is our current military duty rifle and is by far the most popular rifle for law enforcement and home defense.  It is extremely versatile with more accessory options by more providers than you can imagine.  In this course you will learn the basics of the rifle, tear down and maintenance.  We'll preview what elements of the rifle that are commonly customized, useful and not so useful accessories, how to sight in and shoot this rifle in the context of self-defense.  You will come away knowing an abundance about the AR15.  This is a 4 hour course with hands on instruction with various rifles, utilizing SIRT bolts for tactics training.  This will not be a live fire course.


Defensive rifle

Cost is $80/person for groups up to 5, smaller groups course billed at hourly rate of $40/hr/student.

The Defensive Rifle class is a 3-4 hrs emersion into the finer aspects of using a long gun for self-defense. The focus is on closer range defensive use of the rifle relevant to a home defense scenario. Topics discussed will include rifle setups, scopes vs. sights vs. red dots sights, proper fit and form, slings, reloading, malfunctions, moving and use of cover with a long gun. Any rifle can be used but based on typical rate of fire drills students using bolt action rifles will be limited. Scopes are fine as well but distances shot in this course will not exceed 40 yards and most shooting will be at room distances. Most of the course is on the range with a quick zeroing (probably 40 yards) then some point shooting, fast shooting, multiple rounds, multiple targets, using cover, shooting left and right handed around cover.  You'll need approximately 250 rnds, multiple magazines (at least 2 but better with 3-4) ear and eye protection and flashlight. Also option to bring a handgun, holster and 50 rnds for handgun as course ca touch on transition to alternate weapon and use of flashlights with the rifle. All Rifles used on course must have sling for safety reasons only.

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